Rest for soul and body!

Povile is a meeting place of the benefits of sea, sun, peace and climate. All this benefits together influence on human body and gives rest which you want for yourself! There is few places in the entire Adriatic coast that encourage the preservation of human health, thanks only to the natural advantages of the location. Peace and quiet, favorable currents and crystal clear sea, in a convenient position od circulation of sea and mountain air, abundant sunshine  throughout the year, possibility of light recreational activities (swimming, biking, walking, breathing, exercises, etc. ), are a prerequisite for good health and for naturally healing from stress, rheumatism, and treatment of respiratory diseases. All these benfits you can get in little place Povile. We residents who live permanently or temporarily in Povile are very pleased that our guests after a short or longer stay recognize all the  benefits which are mention here. We hope to see you soon!
Villa Mala
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